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Champagne Flute100mlCase 100Overlay image

Champagne Flute
Case 100

Price: £22.90 ex. VAT
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Flexible Half Pint Beer Glass10ozOverlay image

Flexible Half Pint Beer Glass

Price: £20.15 ex. VAT
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Flexible Pint Beer Glass20ozOverlay image

Flexible Pint Beer Glass

Price: £34.26 ex. VAT
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Katerglass TumblersVarious SizesOverlay image

Katerglass Tumblers
Various Sizes

Price: From £40.04 ex. VAT
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Shot Glasses1 ozCase 3000Overlay image

Shot Glasses
1 oz
Case 3000

Price: £56.95 ex. VAT
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Beerline CleanerPipeline Cleaner with ChlorineOverlay image

Beerline Cleaner
Pipeline Cleaner with Chlorine

Price: £7.02 ex. VAT
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GlassWash for Automatic Glasswashing MachinesOverlay image

GlassWash for Automatic Glasswashing Machines

Price: From £7.04 ex. VAT
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Rinse Aid MultiFor Machine UseOverlay image

Rinse Aid Multi
For Machine Use

Price: From £9.40 ex. VAT
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