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Orchard FreshHand, Hair and Body WashOverlay image

Orchard Fresh
Hand, Hair and Body Wash

Refreshing Hand, Hair and Body Wash Superior, clear liquid, produces a creamy lather Blend of grapefruit, mandarin & apple creates a zesty aroma Added moisturiser to help protect skin Ideal addition to any exclusive washroom Also available in handy 500ml pump bottles.
Price: From £6.55 ex. VAT
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Ocean BlueHand SoapOverlay image

Ocean Blue
Hand Soap

Revitalising Hand, Hair and Body Wash Rich, creamy lather with thorough cleansing action Neutral pH, mild and gentle to skin Contains moisturiser to protect skin Invigorating, contemporary fragrance 6 x 500ml 6 x 1lt Cartridge 1 x 5lt .
Price: From £6.55 ex. VAT
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Trigon Plus Hand SoapWith BactericideOverlay image

Trigon Plus Hand Soap
With Bactericide

Unperfumed, Bactericidal Hand Wash Passes EN 1499, EN 13727 & EN 1276; kills 99.
Price: From £9.85 ex. VAT
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Handsan70% Alcohol Based Hand RubOverlay image

70% Alcohol Based Hand Rub

70% Alcohol Hand Rub with Moisturiser Kills a range of bacteria & viruses.
Price: From £21.95 ex. VAT
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CarehandsMulti Purpose Barrier CreamOverlay image

Multi Purpose Barrier Cream

Barrier and Moisturising Hand Cream Provides skin protection in wet and dry working conditions For use in both pre-work and after work application Suitable for use in kitchens, garages, workshops, farms and general industry Unperfumed, ideal in food preparation areas Also available as a bulk 5ltr bottle for extra economy Contains a pH of 7.
Price: From £24.15 ex. VAT
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Carex Antibacterial Hand CleanerOverlay image

Carex Antibacterial Hand Cleaner

Carex antibacterial hand wash is gentle yet effective in preventing the  spread of germs that can cause illness.
Price: £14.25 ex. VAT
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EC9 Concentrate - Washroom CleanerOverlay image

EC9 Concentrate - Washroom Cleaner

Bactericidal Cleaner and Descaler For cleaning washbasins, baths, tiles & shower areas Passes EN 1276.
Price: From £2.15 ex. VAT
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EC6 Concentrate - All PurposeOverlay image

EC6 Concentrate - All Purpose

All Purpose Interior Hard Surface Cleaner Removes daily and general soil For use on paintwork, laminate, glass, mirrors and hard, washable surfaces Ideal for damp mopping and spray cleaning polished floors 1 litre pack produces upto 100 spray bottles or 50 buckets of solution 4 x 1ltr with dosing cap 2 x 5lt refill .
Price: From £2.15 ex. VAT
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