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Cutan Gentle Wash - 1lt CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan Gentle Wash - 1lt Cartridges

Deb Cutan Gentle Wash is a hand wash specifically formulated for use in healthcare environments.
Price: £41.75 ex. VAT
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Cutan Foaming Soap- 1lt CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan Foaming Soap
- 1lt Cartridges

Mild Foaming Soap for Frequent Use Widely accepted by users means that hand washing is more likely to be conducted, improving hand washing rates.
Price: £52.25 ex. VAT
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Cutan 1000Mild Bactericidal Lotion Soap - 1ltr CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan 1000
Mild Bactericidal Lotion Soap - 1ltr Cartridges

Mild antibacterial lotion soap with triclosan.
Price: £41.25 ex. VAT
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Cutan® Complete Hand Sanitiser - 1ltr CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan® Complete Hand Sanitiser - 1ltr Cartridges

Pleasant to Use - rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in between hand washing and encourages maximum compliance Instant Foaming - rapid activity against many common organisms in only 15 seconds, reducing populations by up to 99.
Price: £68.75 ex. VAT
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Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser - 1lt CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser - 1lt Cartridges

Starts working immediately to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts and moulds Added emolients to minimise drying effects.
Price: £57.75 ex. VAT
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Cutan Moisturising Cream - 1lt CartridgesOverlay image

Cutan Moisturising Cream - 1lt Cartridges

Fragrance free formula minimises the potential risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction.
Price: £81.95 ex. VAT
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DispensersOverlay image


1ltr NHS ProLine Dispenser Use with any Cutan 1ltr hand wash cartridge.
Price: £23.65 ex. VAT
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Swarfega Original Classic - 1LT Overlay image

Swarfega Original Classic - 1LT

Rapid action classic smooth green gel formula hand cleanser with added conditioner.
Price: From £32.95 ex. VAT
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