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Foil Tray Bake218 x 156 x 37mmOverlay image

Foil Tray Bake
218 x 156 x 37mm

A food safe shallow rectangular foil baking tray made from aluminium foil with a rolled edge.
Price: £60.34 ex. VAT
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Round Foil Flan Dish150 x 25mmOverlay image

Round Foil Flan Dish
150 x 25mm

A food safe round flan dish made from aluminium foil with a rolled edge.
Price: £53.87 ex. VAT
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Round Foil Flan204 x 28mmOverlay image

Round Foil Flan
204 x 28mm

A food safe round foil container or dish made from aluminium foil with a liddable edge - Circular in shapeGreat for Pies, Flans, Quiche, Etc.
Price: £75.00 ex. VAT
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Bakery Wrap - Centre FoldedOverlay image

Bakery Wrap - Centre Folded

Centre folded 20 micron clear polypropylene film on a roll, for use with L sealers.
Price: £38.37 ex. VAT
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Disposable Blue Piping BagsAvailable 18" and 21"Overlay image

Disposable Blue Piping Bags
Available 18" and 21"

Hand-e-Grip 18" and 21" Blue Piping Bag - Disposable piping bags prevent bacteria growth, Eliminates the hassle and labour of cleaning fabric pastry bags, Fits all tips and couplers for easy use and application, EU certified.
Price: From £8.58 ex. VAT
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Burger WrapVarious ColoursOverlay image

Burger Wrap
Various Colours

Printed Burger Wrap is strong, durable and is designed to keep food fresh for longer.
Price: £10.85 ex. VAT
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Imitation Grease Proof Paper:Various SizesOverlay image

Imitation Grease Proof Paper:
Various Sizes

Made from bleached paper, our greaseproof paper sheets (500 x 750mm wide, 34gsm) have a wide variety of uses in the kitchen.
Price: £11.50 ex. VAT
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Pure Kraft PaperVarious SizesOverlay image

Pure Kraft Paper
Various Sizes

Kraft paper is a high performing wrapping paper suitable for items that require a high burst strength due to their fragile and non-standard shape.
Price: From £11.94 ex. VAT
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