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Small PolyGrip BagsFrom 1.5" to 4.5"Overlay image

Small PolyGrip Bags
From 1.5" to 4.5"

Price: From £1.47 ex. VAT
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Medium PolyGrip Bags4" to 11"Overlay image

Medium PolyGrip Bags
4" to 11"

Price: From £7.71 ex. VAT
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Large PolyGrip Bags10" to 18"Overlay image

Large PolyGrip Bags
10" to 18"

Price: From £23.48 ex. VAT
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PolyGrip BagsWrite On Panel3" to 7.5"Overlay image

PolyGrip Bags
Write On Panel
3" to 7.5"

Price: From £5.83 ex. VAT
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PolyGrip BagsWrite on Panel8" to 14"Overlay image

PolyGrip Bags
Write on Panel
8" to 14"

Price: £21.12 ex. VAT
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Compostable Food Waste Bags25lt/30ltOverlay image

Compostable Food Waste Bags

Price: From £6.98 ex. VAT
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