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Butchers Sheets


Plastissue Sheets  9" x 14"Overlay image

Plastissue Sheets
9" x 14"

Price: £7.07 ex. VAT
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Clear Film WrapAvailable in 2 SizesOverlay image

Clear Film Wrap
Available in 2 Sizes

Food safe, cost-efficient and quality wrapping solution for your meat products.
Price: From £5.89 ex. VAT
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Duplex Sheets10 x 15" Approximately 45gsmOverlay image

Duplex Sheets
10 x 15" Approximately 45gsm

Duplex food wrapping paper is made from bleached white paper with a sheet of polythene glued to one side, making a barrier against moisture.
Price: £33.80 ex. VAT
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Peach Meat Saver Paper10" x 12"Overlay image

Peach Meat Saver Paper
10" x 12"

These  60gsm Meat Saver Peach Papers (Butcher Paper) are 10 x 12" Sheets.
Price: £18.93 ex. VAT
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Silicone Paper18" x 30"Box 2 ReamsOverlay image

Silicone Paper
18" x 30"
Box 2 Reams

Silicone release papers have widespread application in the food industry as liners for baking trays and food packaging and as interleaving between fresh or frozen produce.
Price: £47.39 ex. VAT
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Imitation Grease Proof Paper:Various SizesOverlay image

Imitation Grease Proof Paper:
Various Sizes

Made from bleached paper, our greaseproof paper sheets (500 x 750mm wide, 34gsm) have a wide variety of uses in the kitchen.
Price: £11.50 ex. VAT
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Pure Grease Proof Paper:Various SizesOverlay image

Pure Grease Proof Paper:
Various Sizes

Pure greaseproof paper is widely used by professional bakers and chefs, this versatile wrapping accessory has become a basic item in home kitchens.
Price: From £14.50 ex. VAT
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