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    12" and 18"



Cutter Box Baking Parchment Paper
12" and 18"

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Suitable for a variety of applications, this high quality baking parchment is widely used as a lining agent and is ideal for cake tins, cooking individual meringues and souffles, pavlova, roulade, choux pastry, toffees, chocolates, biscuits, buns and rolls.  Ideal for use in the microwave for indivdual portions.  Catering for every need in the industrial kitchen, and other high profile food prep areas.  Baking Parchment has been specifically developed for use in both cooking and freezing temperatures.  Both baked and frozen food is easily and cleanly removed from Parchment and the silicone coating means that there is no need to apply oil or grease.  Durable and versatile, Parchment can be re-used up to 4/5 times in oven temperatures up to 500°F.  Great for the freezer to separate portions. 

Availabe 12" and 18"

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