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Plastic Cake Trays


4 Round Cavity Tray175 x 175 x 31mmOverlay image

4 Round Cavity Tray
175 x 175 x 31mm

Price: £115.23 ex. VAT
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4 Cavity Round Tart Tray145 x 145 x 35mmOverlay image

4 Cavity Round Tart Tray
145 x 145 x 35mm

Price: £228.17 ex. VAT
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2 Cavity Hinged Lid Tray180 x 95 x 65mmOverlay image

2 Cavity Hinged Lid Tray
180 x 95 x 65mm

Price: £93.11 ex. VAT
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Rectangle Hinged Lid Box225 x 166 x 60mmOverlay image

Rectangle Hinged Lid Box
225 x 166 x 60mm

Price: £58.18 ex. VAT
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Deep Sponge Tray165 x 165 x 65mmOverlay image

Deep Sponge Tray
165 x 165 x 65mm

Price: £115.23 ex. VAT
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Double Plain Rectangle Tray194 x 110 x 50mmOverlay image

Double Plain Rectangle Tray
194 x 110 x 50mm

Price: £204.89 ex. VAT
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