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Roll Boxes4" and 6"Overlay image

Roll Boxes
4" and 6"

Plastic Sandwich Boxes-Hinged Lidded Medium and Large 4" & 6" Roll Bap Box Easy to load and double as an eating tray when open.
Price: From £47.38 ex. VAT
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Baguette Boxes7" and 9"Overlay image

Baguette Boxes
7" and 9"

Baguette Holders are manufactured from quality APET.
Price: From £28.92 ex. VAT
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Aluminium Foil with Cutter Box12" and 18"Overlay image

Aluminium Foil with Cutter Box
12" and 18"

Aluminium foil or kitchen foil ideal for food use.
Price: From £4.31 ex. VAT
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Wrap Master Foil12" and 18"Overlay image

Wrap Master Foil
12" and 18"

The 30cm and 45cm Wrap Master Foil Refill system is designed to be used with Wrapmaster Dispenser.
Price: £26.50 ex. VAT
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Cling Film CutterBox12" and 18"Overlay image

Cling Film CutterBox
12" and 18"

Presented in fresh, modern packaging Clingfilm is the preferred choice for professional Caterers.
Price: From £4.63 ex. VAT
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Wrap Master Film12" and 18"Overlay image

Wrap Master Film
12" and 18"

Wrapmaster Clingfilm refill system is designed to be used with Wrapmaster Dispenser.
Price: From £17.50 ex. VAT
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Wrap Master Dispensers12" and 18"Overlay image

Wrap Master Dispensers
12" and 18"

Wrap master Free Standing Dispensers - The dispenser is very hygienic as it can cleaned by hand or in a dishwashing machine upto 80° C.
Price: £21.24 ex. VAT
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Cutter Box Baking Parchment Paper12" and 18"Overlay image

Cutter Box Baking Parchment Paper
12" and 18"

Suitable for a variety of applications, this high quality baking parchment is widely used as a lining agent and is ideal for cake tins, cooking individual meringues and souffles, pavlova, roulade, choux pastry, toffees, chocolates, biscuits, buns and rolls.
Price: From £5.40 ex. VAT
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