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Greaseproof Cake CasesVarious SizesOverlay image

Greaseproof Cake Cases
Various Sizes

Fluted White Cup Cake Cases - Greaseproof Various Sizes.
Price: From £5.89 ex. VAT
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Greaseproof Loaf Tin Liner Overlay image

Greaseproof Loaf Tin Liner

Greaseproof Baking Loaf Case - These loaf tin liners are greaseproof and heat proof.
Price: £106.69 ex. VAT
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Tulip Muffin/Cupcake CaseOverlay image

Tulip Muffin/Cupcake Case

Our jumbo brown / chocolate tulip muffin cases are designed to showcase muffins or larger cupcakes.
Price: £129.23 ex. VAT
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Foil Food ContainersVarious SizesOverlay image

Foil Food Containers
Various Sizes

Foil food containers are very popular within the takeaway industry.
Price: From £23.67 ex. VAT
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Lids to fit Foil ContainersVarious SizesOverlay image

Lids to fit Foil Containers
Various Sizes

Foil lids provide a safe, secure seal Prevents rapid heat escape .
Price: From £6.46 ex. VAT
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Foil Tray Bake323 x 201 x 30mmOverlay image

Foil Tray Bake
323 x 201 x 30mm

A food safe shallow rectangular foil baking tray made from aluminium foil with a rolled edge.
Price: £40.49 ex. VAT
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Foil Tray Bake190 x 130 x 22mmOverlay image

Foil Tray Bake
190 x 130 x 22mm

Aluminium Foil Container is mainly used in baking foods ,pack takeaway meals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.
Price: £29.06 ex. VAT
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Foil Square Tray Bake225 x 225 x 25mmOverlay image

Foil Square Tray Bake
225 x 225 x 25mm

Suitable for heating up, cooling down and storing food at a variety of temperatures, the versatility of Foil Containers is a valuable asset to the catering industry.
Price: £32.31 ex. VAT
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