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LuBlueJeyes Toilet BlocksOverlay image

Jeyes Toilet Blocks

Jeyes Lublue Toilet Freshener, Cleans and freshens your toilet with every flush.
Price: £8.75 ex. VAT
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BlusylWashing Up LiquidOverlay image

Washing Up Liquid

High Active Washing Up Liquid For manual cleaning of crockery, glassware and kitchen utensils High foam, excellent grease removal Neutral, mild on hands Fresh citrus fragrance 5ltr .
Price: From £6.73 ex. VAT
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KindWashing Up LiquidOverlay image

Washing Up Liquid

General Purpose Washing Up Liquid For manual cleaning of crockery, glassware and kitchen utensils Rich foam, very effective grease removal Also ideal for cleaning vehicles and general cleaning Light lemon fragrance 5lt .
Price: From £6.01 ex. VAT
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Q'solWashing-Up LiquidOverlay image

Washing-Up Liquid

High Strength Detergent Excellent grease removal properties Effective in hard or soft water For manual cleaning of floors, walls, utensils and equipment in the parlour, dairy and farm kitchen Also recommended for washing vehicles Available in 1lt, 5lt and 20lt (on request) .
Price: From £8.44 ex. VAT
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Q'Det:Superior Washing-Up LiquidOverlay image

Superior Washing-Up Liquid

Unperfumed Liquid Detergent One of our most popular products for manual cleaning of crockery, glassware and kitchen utensils Concentrated, rich, high foam, even under heavily soiled conditions Undyed & unperfumed, will not taint or affect beer head retention in drinking glasses Recommended for general cleaning and for optics Available in 1lt and 5lt .
Price: From £7.22 ex. VAT
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Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner SanitiserOverlay image

Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser

Unperfumed, multi purpose cleaner and terminal disinfectant.
Price: From £10.32 ex. VAT
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Oven CleanerHeavy Duty CleanerOverlay image

Oven Cleaner
Heavy Duty Cleaner

Removes baked on grease and carbon Thickened, foaming formulation clings to vertical surfaces for better cleaning Suitable for interior of enamelled ovens and surfaces, griddles and cast iron hobs Low odour formula, unperfumed and undyed 750 ml  & 5lt .
Price: From £8.44 ex. VAT
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Combi Oven Cleaner Concentrated DetergentOverlay image

Combi Oven Cleaner Concentrated Detergent

Concentrated Detergent High active, low foaming detergent Developed especially for cleaning the interior of combination ovens Will easily remove baked on grease and food deposits Suitable for manual cleaning or automatic dosing 5lt .
Price: From £18.14 ex. VAT
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