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General Purpose  Disinfects and removes odour in one operation Suitable for washrooms, toilets, kitchens and drains Ideal for soaking cloths and mops Also useful for sanitising crockery and removing tanin stains from crockery and teapots 5lt .
Price: From £2.66 ex. VAT
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Cyclone Thick Bleach5ltOverlay image

Cyclone Thick Bleach

Extra Thick Bleach Highly perfumed, thickened liquid with added detergent Cleans and disinfects in one operation.
Price: From £5.16 ex. VAT
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Jeyes Kleen Off Thick Bleach 12 x 750mlOverlay image

Jeyes Kleen Off Thick Bleach
12 x 750ml

Jeyes Kleen Off Original Thickened Bleach is ideal for cleaning toilets, sinks, drains, chopping boards, work surfaces, baths, basins, floors and for bleaching dishcloths.
Price: £9.33 ex. VAT
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Pine LiquidThick Toilet Cleaner12 x 750mlOverlay image

Pine Liquid
Thick Toilet Cleaner
12 x 750ml

Jeyes Kleen Off Pine Liquid Toilet Cleaner effectively cleans, kills germs and freshens.
Price: £9.37 ex. VAT
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PynolDisinfectant Cleaner5ltOverlay image

Disinfectant Cleaner

Pine Disinfectant with Detergent Removes general soil from all washable surfaces Kills bacteria & helps prevent cross infection.
Price: From £6.20 ex. VAT
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L.S.P. Liquid Surface PolishOverlay image

L.S.P. Liquid Surface Polish

Liquid Spray Polish Multi surface polish, ready to use formula for use in trigger spray Leaves a deep, long lasting shine with pleasant perfume Anti-static properties, ideal for computer areas, VDU and TV screen Suitable for wood, veneer, laminate, stainless steel, formica, glass, chrome and paintwork.
Price: From £16.45 ex. VAT
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Clear Glass and Mirror CleanerOverlay image

Clear Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Window, Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner Highly efficient cleaner for use in a trigger spray Quickly removes grime, leaving a sparkling, streak free finish Especially effective on finger marks in lifts & surrounds For a variety of other surfaces, including chrome, plastic, computer keyboards, glass screens & surroundsAlso available in ready to use 750ml trigger sprays.
Price: From £7.65 ex. VAT
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Charm Furniture Polish300mlOverlay image

Charm Furniture Polish

Multi Surface furniture polish 300ml aerosol.
Price: £14.25 ex. VAT
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